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The head and heart weigh in

The head and heart weigh in

As a human being you have been given the wonderful gift of thinking.

Your thoughts generally allow you to make decisions, assess situations, and make determinations about you and the world.

Your brain is powerful. It works with your body to initiate and control behavior. It also feeds you the information you take in from your environment, and helps you make sense of it.

You believe what you think the majority of the time, and your thoughts influence the perceptions you hold of yourself and the world.

Your thoughts however can easily turn from friend to foe.

In the darker times of life your thinking can become unhelpful and very misdirected. This is because your thoughts influence what you believe, and your beliefs become reality.

For example, if you think that people are rude and mean, than you will believe that the world is an unfriendly and cruel place.

If you think that you are unlovable, than you will believe that no one will ever want you.

In other words if you think it than it must be true.

You can see how the unique human skill of creating thought can be helpful in daily functioning or to strategize your way through life.

However, this capacity can also create unnecessary suffering when you solely depend on your thoughts for guidance.

So what can you use to balance the top heavy activity going on inside your head?

You can drop down into your heart.


Drop into your heart when you can

Your heart is your center of intuitive wisdom, and it holds many of the answers your thoughts will never provide.

The head and the heart are often in conflict, but the heart never lies to you in the way that your thoughts can.

Your heart is your life force, and it works harmoniously with your whole internal system.

In a more tangible way, you have noticed that the beat of your heart increases when you feel excited or anxious, and that it slows and remains consistent when you feel calm and safe.

In a more metaphoric way, your heart swells when you become open to others and life, and it closes when you experience a threat or hurt.

Your heart responds to energy so when you’re around people who treat you poorly or disrespectfully, you feel yourself shrinking and becoming depleted of the organic love your heart has to offer.

Many of us stay stuck in bad relationships or tolerate being treated horribly because we rationalize the behavior of others with our mind. We “think” our way out of situations by telling ourselves that we are being irrational or too demanding.

The heart screams to get out, but the head asks questions and looks for solutions.

Your heart is a whisper so you have to remain quiet to hear what it has to offer. Your heart cannot be controlled or influenced…it just is.

Tapping into your heart is touching base with your core where the truth of your body communicates to you daily. You were trained to focus on your brain and your mind and to distrust your body.

Coming back to this heart-centered place of self-trust takes courage and effort.

This doesn’t mean that your heart will not misguide you at times.

The heart loves by nature so it isn’t designed to look for the negative or to seek out danger.

It searches for the good and the wholesome in everyone including you.

It’s a balance. You don’t want your thinking to override your heart, but you don’t want your heart to blind you to reality.

Accessing your heart, and living from this wholesome place is an ongoing practice throughout life.

Remember that you are not divided into parts.

Your mind, body and spirit all work in synch to create your authentic self.

You just have to let it all work together.


February 12th, 2015

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