Posted on March 25th, 2014 by Dr. Andra Brosh

thoughtbubbleIt’s a real gift to be such an evolved species that we get to have the capacity to think. At the same time it’s a curse because our thinking is what usually creates the most suffering and unhappiness in our lives.

Thoughts are nothing without a thinker so if you detach and step away from them, you’ll realize that your thoughts just float around in the air. If you could watch your thoughts they would look something like this.

If you are constantly getting into an arm wrestle with your thoughts then you will want to learn the two words that will allow you to stop having this kind of relationship with your mind.

The two words are simple.

I am.

Thoughts can feel very real and true. They become especially poignant when you get so entangled with them that they drive your actions and run your life.

We may have to think, but we don’t have to believe every thought we have.

Thinking takes you away from yourself, and distances you from your core. When you have to spend much of your day struggling to get your thoughts under control you lose touch with your present reality and the power of now.

You have to step away from your thoughts in the same way you would step away from a fire. If you’re in it you’ll burn. If you stand back you can watch the flames while taking in the beauty and heat from a distance.

Your thoughts are just thoughts. They aren’t inside of you, and they don’t make you who you are.

When you move from being stuck in your thoughts to the self-perception of I am, you are connecting with your truth.

When you think, “I wish I had more courage”, you say instead, “I am courage”.

When you think, “I wish I could meet someone to love”, you say instead “I am love”.

This powerful shift to I am not only empowers you to be everything you aspire to have, but it immediately takes you out of the separation that comes with being lost in your thoughts.

You go from thinking ABOUT you to BEING you.

You move from identifying with a “self” to inhabiting yourself.

Try this simple shift this week and notice how using the **I am** method pulls you out of your head and into your heart.

NOTE: If you’re dealing with highly self critical thoughts you will need to reframe what you are saying to yourself. For example, if you are saying “I’m stupid for staying in this relationship so long” you don’t want to say “I am stupid”. Try something like “I am imperfect”.

March 25th, 2014

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