Posted on January 21st, 2014 by Dr. Andra Brosh

imgres-4I truly believe in the power of story.

Sharing your experience, your knowledge, and your wisdom is an act of selflessness even though it might sometimes feel self-promoting or egotistical. There’s one main difference between bragging and sharing.

Bragging is driven by a feeling of inadequacy and a need to prove one’s worth. The desire to share comes from a longing to connect, and it usually coincides with vulnerability.

What and how much you choose to share at any given moment is up to you. Feeling over-exposed is a good sign you’re sharing too much, and a sense of exclusion is almost always an indicator that you probably need to open up more.

When you share your thoughts, ideas, feelings and life with others you are making a decision to be seen. You may feel more comfortable remaining invisible or blending in with a crowd, but the truth is that others see you whether you like it or not.

Your physical presence needs to be aligned with your metaphysical presence.

There is no escaping this so why not have your inward and outward beauty align?

Since I’ve been writing these blogs I’ve noticed that the greatest response I get from you comes after I share something personal. Your feedback has consistently been founded in gratitude for what I expose and allow you to know.

I do this as much for me as I do for you. It’s an ongoing practice, and I can assure you that it becomes easier once you realize the profound impact you can have on others and the world with just a small bit of openness.

I had the great privilege of sharing my thoughts, wisdom and feelings with one of the most authentic, noble, graceful and genuine people I have ever met.

My friend and fellow paradigm buster Deb Ozarko graciously offered to have me on her Podcast show “Unplugged” where we talked about so many topics close to my heart.

Among other things we discussed:
• How self-judgement and expectations block the connection to your authentic self.
• The importance of loving it all and realizing the beauty within imperfection.
• How people-pleasing takes you away from your core.
• How internal trust is the key to living an authentic life.
• The problem with advice and the power of embracing uncertainty.
• The dangers of social media that can bring up worthiness issues.
• The importance of knowing who you truly are in order to live your best life.

Click here to listen.

I hope you will take time to have a listen, to be inspired, and to hear how one conversation can ultimately impact the world.

January 21st, 2014

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