Support for When it’s Over

I’ve been in the business of ending marriages for over five years, and I love it. I know that sounds crazy, but watching the transformation and happiness that comes out of the pain reminds me of how resilient we all are.

I offer Psychologically based coaching for any phase of the divorce process. Whether you’ve left your marriage or have been left by your partner, I can help you figure things out so you can put all this behind you.

My approach to working with marital endings and divorce is strength based. I believe that taking action, and actively participating in your own healing are essential components for recovery.

Being both a divorced person and a Psychologist allows me to hold a very unusual perception of this life transition. I understand the heartbreak, loss, and struggle on a very personal and human level, but I can also step back and hold a more professional and objective view as a trained clinician.

In our work together I will:

      • Dissolve your fear so you can move forward.
      • Teach you research based tools for daily coping.
      • Show you how to interact with your Ex partner without going insane.
      • Uplift and support you to stand on your own two feet.
      • Build up your confidence and and self-trust.
      • Show you how to turn your pain and loss into growth.
      • Help you find your happiness beyond marriage.
I also believe that personal growth is a natural byproduct of this kind of pain and loss.


I know how much you want to have all of this be over with so I’m here to move the process along, and to help you make the best decisions for your future.

Dealing with the stress and struggling to cope can result in delaying recovery, and this isn’t a place you want to get stuck. We will work on resolving your feelings and releasing all the baggage that’s holding you back from living fully and peacefully.


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Here’s what others have to say:

“I just wanted to say how helpful our session was for me. I am so grateful for the work you have chosen to do. In a few short weeks I went from not being able to find a reason to go on, and wondering if i would ever meet another man, to looking forward to everyday and looking forward to meeting MYSELF!”
– Karen, 53, Talent Agent, Los Angeles, CA

“Our last meeting was really something. You are helping me tremendously. Many times after leaving our sessions I feel total gratitude for the work we have done since our first meeting. While the last 2+ years have been difficult, I certainly have learned a lot and even with the pain I have experienced (and sometimes still do), I wouldn’t trade it for anything. After reading your last post it dawned on me that our sessions have been all about doing inward research on myself. I now have a name to call it.”
– Seth, 49, Lawyer, Los Angeles, CA

“I just stumbled on your article – Six Buddhist Teachings Can Help Soothe the Pain of Divorce – and I wanted to say thank you. Since my wife and I separated I’ve searched and read many articles. Yours reminded me of my own Buddha nature and brought me back into focus. Thank you so very kindly for such a beautifully written and thoughtful article. It has put me firmly on a path to understanding and acceptance.”
Andy, 52, Musician, Austin, TX