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Some months bring more to us than others, but April is super special because it embodies so much beauty, renewal, and promise. I feel like I wait all year for April because somehow I find myself blossoming each year around this time.

What April really shifts for me is my concept of time. Somehow time becomes less urgent and frenetic, and that space gives me the chance to step back and review my relationship to this construct that often feels more like a commandment than a gift.

I think we forget how powerful time can be when we move away from the standard ideas we hold about it. It’s often something we are trying to conquer, keep up with or get away from. Time becomes a representation of our success or failure, our goodness and badness, and our ability to be productive.

How did we develop such a punitive and controlling relationship with time?

Perhaps somewhere along the way we lost touch with our innate ability to follow the passage of time in a way that supports and guides giving in to its control and manipulation of our lives. If we let time be more of an inspiration than a mandate we can receive it as something we can have a relationship with as opposed to an enemy we need to fight.

Time is as much about being present as it is about going and doing. Time can teach us to slow down or invigorate us to speed up. It also teaches us to enjoy what we have now, not because it’s our last chance, but because what we see might be different the next time around.

So April brings you many options for evaluating your relationship with time.

First we have the season of Spring, which offers growth, transformation, rebirth and renewal. As we see the blooming of flowers, longer days and more activity in nature we’re reminded of how time functions in cycles. No matter how fast we run to chase down time, it will always come back to us if we can be patient and trust that process.

Then we have the beautiful day of celebrating our earth. On April 22nd we welcome Earth Day and we’re reminded of how small we are on this spinning planet. It’s an opportunity to envision the rotation of time, and again how we circle the same route with time each month and year. The sun rises and sets every day showing us that time is something we can count on, and not something we need to fear.

We will have our full moon.
April brings us our full moon again, and as always this presents the opportunity to conceptualize time as a physiological process. Time exists in our world because we created it, but we all carry an innate clock and that is forever connected to the cycle of the moon. This is a reminder to respect and acknowledge our inner time as much as we do our outer time. The full moon can bring a broader reflection on how you want to embrace the coming new moon, what you’ve received since the new moon, and you can let it be a reset of your inner clock for the coming month.

Ask Yourself:

What are your beliefs about time in your own life?

What is your relationship to time? Are you battling it or working with it?

How can you shift to a more productive and welcoming relationship with time?

I would love to hear your thoughts!

April 13th, 2016

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