Relationship Therapy


Your relationships are the cornerstone of your wellbeing.

Without healthy relationships, romantic or otherwise, you will struggle and feel unsatisfied in your life. You are physiologically and evolutionarily wired to connect and relate, and your relational history informs how you feel, behave and perceive the world.


When it comes to love and marriage maintaining a strong and healthy relationship takes work, and a deep understanding of each partner’s triggers, needs and style of relating.

My work is founded in Attachment Theory which is oriented toward understanding each partner’s past relational life from birth, how that history informs their current relational style, and how that’s being played out in the current relationship.

Whether your relationship is on the brink, you’re struggling with a business partner, a family member, or simply wanting to understand your relationship patterns, I can help.

I often use the garden as a metaphor for what it takes to have a healthy relationship. A healthy garden requires the right conditions, soil and watering for it to flourish. In the same way a relationship has to be tended to and nurtured for it to thrive. Ignoring problems and neglecting each other leaves the relationship dying on the vine.

Couple Holding Hands

Here are few issues I have worked with:
  • Inadequate sex life
  • Infidelity / betrayal
  • Unhealthy relationship dynamics
  • Communication breakdowns
  • Emotional intimacy
  • Pre-marital education
  • Cyclical Fighting
  • Marital Ambivalence

As a human being you are wired for love; now it’s just a matter of getting authentically connected to yourself and your partner so the relationship can shine.