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My practice is completely virtual.

Online therapy is a viable and effective form of treatment that allows therapists and clients to have increased access to support regardless of geographical location. Research has shown that this type of therapy is as effective as in person therapy with the added benefit of doing it from your own home or private space.




Individual Therapy
Exploring your unconscious thoughts and feelings deepens the understanding of your internal world to improve overall wellbeing and life satisfaction. Whether something just feels “off” or you’re in the midst of crisis, individual therapy offers a path toward wholeness. Learn More About Individual Therapy

Couples Therapy
Maintaining a healthy and thriving partnership is hard work. Whether there has been a rupture, betrayal or the development of unhealthy dynamics, couples therapy provides a safe space for healing. Couple’s therapy untangles the complicated cords and reconnects them in a way that promotes improved intimacy and relational dynamics. Learn More About Couples Therapy

Divorce Coaching
The transition from the end of a marriage through starting over is a long and arduous journey. Using this life challenge as an opportunity for growth and personal insight turns what could be the worst time of your life into a time of transformation and beneficial change. Learn More About Divorce Coaching

Whether you know it or not you are deeply affected by the environment in which you live. As a culture we have lost touch with our “ecological selves” and we are suffering from the deficit. Ecotherapy reconnects you to the natural world of which you are organically a part, and it offers a safe space for processing thoughts and feelings in unique context. Learn More About Ecotherapy