Posted on April 21st, 2015 by Dr. Andra Brosh

200138792-001We’re facing a horrendous drought in Los Angeles right now. We have literally drained our resources and now we are depleted and having to ration.

Sometimes we all take our resources for granted. We get used to provisions without questioning how we get them or where they come from.

It’s the same with our food. We rarely reflect on where that head of broccoli originated, how it traveled to get to the store shelf, and all that happened in between that time.

I think we do this on a personal level as well.

We do, accomplish, obtain and get through life without much thought about how it happened.

We rarely consider the source of our pain, success or circumstances. What generative force made them possible? What was the point of their origin?

Our lives don’t just happen even though it often feels like that. We are all driven, motivated and compelled by something; a greater force, an internal power or an external inspiration.

This is also true for feelings.

You don’t just “get mad”; there’s a source for your anger and it can be internal and/or external.

It’s empowering and often relieving to recognize and understand the source of all your life experiences.

The question becomes what is your source? Do you draw on your internal resources or do you tend to look outside of yourself for causes and answers?

Ask yourself…

What is the source of my anger?
What is the source of my strength?
What is the source of my pain?
What is the source of my happiness?

A source can be anything. It can be another person, nature, a pet, but most importantly it can be yourself.

It’s easy to look outside of yourself for the source of what you need or want, but know that you have a well of untapped resources living inside of you that you have collected throughout your life.

You are never empty or depleted even though at times it feels that way. Just as you have to dig into the earth to tap into water you’ll have to dig deep internally to access what you have.

Start by doing three things:

Name your source. It can be you, nature, mother earth, a waterfall or anything that you associate with nourishment and provision.

Draw your source. Get out a piece of paper and draw what that source looks like to you. Don’t worry about being an artist just create an image of what you see as a source of any kind. It might even be a self-portrait.

List three qualities of this source that make it worthy of providing something valuable. It can be overcoming obstacles, the ability to produce or nurture.

April 21st, 2015

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