Kind Words for Dr. Andra Brosh

On this page you’ll find several testimonials from past clients, blog subscribers and workshop participants who have found my services and writing helpful. There is no better validation for my work than from the very people I help so I hope these kind words will allow you feel more confident in my work. For confidentiality reasons, and to protect the privacy of those who have shared their feedback, I have dropped their names, or have used fictitious names.

“Thank you for publishing the article ‘5 Ways to Start Pleasing Yourself Before Pleasing Others.’ I have taken the past few years to know myself better, and it’s people like you who have given me the tools necessary to fill the urge to find inner truth. This article felt very good to read. I believe you speak from the heart.”

“Dr. Andra Brosh is a rare find in the crowded field of Therapists. Not only is she brilliant and insightful, she offers practical solutions to move one’s life forward. I highly recommend her!”

“I have to say I finally found the therapist I feel comfortable with & that can finally help me. You are a breath of fresh air.”

“I am continually grateful for how honest you are in describing your experiences. Sometimes it’s enough to know that I’m not the only one struggling through life and humanity!”

“I do not say this lightly – I think you are amazing at what you do!”

“Thank you for your newsletter. I find them comforting and inspiring. When I feel especially alone and lost, I welcome your words.”