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It is my contention that most human suffering can be alleviated by healing past and present relational trauma, and that healthy, adaptive relationships are the cornerstone of long-term fulfillment and wellbeing.
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From My Journal

Ending the Seek-Suffer Cycle

Posted on August 22, 2016 by Dr. Andra Brosh

IMG_2249I used to give advice and guidance based on my intellect. I thought that knowing something meant you read it and understood it, but I have come to learn that true knowledge – at least in the context of personal growth – comes from the most basic life experience.

For years I tinkered on the brink of understanding the meaning of concepts like love, solitude, trust, fulfillment and happiness. I’ve read, studied, experienced and observed all of these and more in some form throughout my life, but I am still a novice at best.

This used to frustrate me [...]

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